Curriculum Vitae

Other relevant education




Curriculum Vitae

I am educated as a teacher in the primary school with music and art as main subjects.
I have been working as an educationalist and as a teacher with children, teenagers and elderly.
I am also educated and have been working as a swimming instructor and life guard and conductor.

Later I have been following classes on different art- and music-schools.

For 20 years I have had a great interest in music as a singer, composer (piano), as songwriter, drummer and basist.

I have created music and lyrics to about 50 copyrighted (koda-registrered) songs,
I primarily did melodic pop-, country- and popular tunes.

I have been focused on drawing, painting, sculpturing and making patterndesigns since 1999, developing my skills.

Artistschools, where I have been studying:

- "Northern Bridge Artistschool", taught by
Karen Serena, Ebbe Lauersen and Jan Hartman.

- "The School of Creative Development" run by
Jette Quist.

- "The School of Visual Art". My teachers were
Per Johan Svendsen, Laura Holdorf, Peter Lunding, Benny Dahl og Jens Andersen.

- "Gentofte Paintingschool", where I recieved lessons from Charlotte Hof in portrait and croquis.

I have had the following sculptresses as teachers:

- Lisbeth Nielsen (portræt)
- Marianne Miller (model og portrait)
- Karen Lorentzen (portrait)
- Jeanette Brøndsted (model og portrait).

Other relevant education

Passed the examination in Anatomy, summer 2004, at the education: Teacher in relaxation.


Sct. Kjelds Gårds Artunion

Solo exibition.

Exibition of 24 sculptures: faceportrait, models,"turnable" doubble-figures from the serie "Symbiosis" and roses.

Danmarks Statistik,
Sejerøgade 11, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.
september 2009.

Niels Kongsbak exerbits his coloristic and expressive paintings on the wall in the same month.

Danmarks Statistik,
Sejerøgade 11, 2100 København Ø.
1.september - 28. september 2009.

Photos from the sculpture-exhibition in "Sct. Kjeldsgårdens artunion", in the big firm "Danmarks statestik", september 2009. photografer/copyright: Mikala Lykke:

Mikala Lykkes skulpturer Mikala Lykkes skulpturer Mikala Lykkes skulpturer Mikala Lykkes skulpturer Mikala Lykkes skulpturer Mikala Lykkes skulpturer Mikala Lykkes skulpturer Mikala Lykkes skulpturer Mikala Lykkes skulpturer Mikala Lykkes skulpturer

Mikala Lykkes skulpturer

Go-card Postcard

My acrylic painting "Dreams from the Heart" ("Drømme fra Hjertet") is on Go-cards postcard.

My card will be in all Mc Donalds in Denmark,(not in McDonald i Herning, Denmark) and also at about 120 cafées og cinemas in the centre of Copenhagen. Theh card will be there from the 22. may – 5. june.

The firm, which chose to print my card for free:
GO-CARD - Egmont Magasiner A/S
Hellerupvej 51
2100 Hellerup, Denmark

The Artunion of FTF

Exhibition of paintings
Niels Hemmingsensgade 12, 1010 Copebhagen K, Denmark
5. May - 2. june 2008


The Artunion of Deloitte

Exhibition of sculptures
Weidekampsgade 6, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark
1. - 30. April 2008
Deloitte`s kunstforening Deloitte`s kunstforening Deloitte`s kunstforening Deloitte`s kunstforening Deloitte`s kunstforening Deloitte`s kunstforening Deloitte`s kunstforening
Deloitte`s kunstforening

The association of NNF (Nærings- og nydelsesmiddelarbejder forbundet)

Exhibition of sculptures
C.F. Richs vej 103, 2000 Frederiksberg
7. januar måned 2008 - 30. januar 2008.

Exhibition of acrylic paintings and watercolours of nature
C.F. Richs vej 103, 2000 Frederiksberg
3. december 2007 - 30. januar 2008.

Skulpturer fra udstilling i NNF´s Kunstforening, Frederiksberg ''Rådslagning/konspiration'' på 1x1 meter 3 akrylmalerier fra en tidligere udarbejdet serie 5 akvareller i kantinen 1 akvarel over bord i kantinen
Udstilling i NNF´s Kunstforening, Frederiksberg

2 0 0 7

Mikala Lykke © december 2007

The acrylicpainting "conspiration", 1x1 meter.

Mikala Lykke © december 2007

3 acrylicpaintings.

Mikala Lykke © december 2007

Acrylicpaintings and watercolours on both sites of the hall.

Mikala Lykke © december 2007

5 watercolours.

Mikala Lykke © december 2007

1 watercolour over a table.

The association of Tac A/S

Exhibition of acrylic paintings, watercolours, croquis and sculptures
Hørkær 12B, 2730 Herlev, Denmark
1.10.2007 - 30.10.2007.

photos from the exhibition in the association of TAC

Mikala Lykke © oktober 2007

2 sculptures

Mikala Lykke © oktober 2007


Mikala Lykke © oktober 2007

12 watercolours

The association of Hydra- Grene

Exhibition of acrylic paintings, watercolours and sculptures
Nimbusvej 7-11, 2670 Greve, Denmark
3.10.2007 - 31.10.2007

photos from the exhibition in the association of Hydra- Grene

Mikala Lykke © oktober 2007

1 acrylic painting viewed by the artist and members of the association

Mikala Lykke © oktober 2007

4 watercolours

Mikala Lykke © oktober 2007

3 sculptures and 1 painting

Artunion Foyerén
Exibition of 36 paintings.
Taastrup Idrætshaller, Parkvej 78
2630 Taastrup. Denmark.
9. january - 12. february 2007.
Private view: January 9. Time: 7.30 p.m

The Artunion of The Government of provisions and of The Danish provisionresearch
Exibition of 20 paintings.(croquis-drawings og watercolours of nature) and 8 sculptures.
Mørkhøj Bygade 19, Parkvej 78
2660 Søborg, Denmark.
oktober 2. - oktober 13. 2006.
Mikala Lykke © oktober 2006

Mikala Lykke © oktober 2006

Mikala Lykke © oktober 2006

Mikala Lykke © oktober 2006

Mikala Lykke © oktober 2006

The Artunion of Orbicon
Exhibition of 40 paintings/watercolours/drawings and 20 sculptures.
Orbicon. Ringstedvej 20, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark
May 3. - July 4. 2006.

The Artunion of Unisys
Exhibition of 30 paintings, drawings and sculptures.
Unisys, Lejrvej 17, 3500 Værløse, Denmark.
May 1. -  May 31. 2006.

The Artunion of the Financecouncil
25 paintings (acrylic, watercolour, charcoal with watercolour and oil pastel ) portraits, flowers, landscapes, houses and nonfigurative paintings as well as 9 sculptures:
Finansrådet, Amaliegade 7, 1256 Kbh K, Denmark.
January 13. - February 10. 2006.

Artunion of GEO
38 paintings (acrylic, watercolour and black tusch with watercolour), nudemodel-paintings, portraits, stilleben, landscape og nonfigurative paintings.
GEO, Maglebjergvej 1, 2800 Lyngby, Denmark.
January 9. - February 6. 2006.

The Bank Of the Suburbs, Frederiksberg department
23 paintings (acrylic and watercolor), portraits, nature, stilleben and models + 3 models of stoneware.
Gammelkongevej 159, 1850 Frederiksberg C.
March 21 2005 - September 21. 2005

Handycraft- and designshop, "Felicitas"
10 paintings: nonfigurative and models, watercolour and acrylic on canvas and paper.
Nordre Frihavnsgade 22, 2100 Copenhagen East.
Februrary 16. - April 16. 2005.
Watercolour, juni 2001, landscape no. 1

Gilt Classic Cocktailbar (nystartet café)
Croquis drawings/paintings (black tusch and watercolor)
Rantzausgade, (at Brohusgade), 2200 København North, Denmark.
September 14 - October 14. 2003.
Model, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 60 cm, March 2003.

Acrylic paintings: The blue-purple nude modelcollection.
Nørrebrogade 48, 2200 København North, Denmark.
August 13 - October 13, 2003

Café Break
Paintings and sculptures: portraits and nude models/croquis
Nørre Voldgade 46, 1358 København K.
March 4 - March 31, 2003.
Café break
Café breakCafé break

Café Goggen og kokken
Paintings and drawings: nude models/croquis
Nørrebrogade 114, Copenhagen North, Denmark.
February 24 - June 1, 2003.

Croquis (charcool, black tusch, watercolor) and paintings of nude models (acrylic).
Teglgårdsstræde, 1452 Copenhagen K.
January 5 - January 27, 2003.


The Sculpturegarden in Thy

Group Exhibition:

Exhibition of 32 artists from 21 countries:
Australia,Malaysia, Germany, Belgium, Montenegro, USA, Botswana, Norway, Zambia, Denmark, Polen, Zimbabwe, Greenland, Rusia, Holland, South Afrika, Iran, Tanzania, Island, Transylvania og Kenya.

The participating artists are: Vladimir Voronin, Serguei Bogouslavski, Joseph Salamon, Amir Zainorin, Nadja Djurovie Larsen, Jens Erik Kjeldsen, Frans Van der Woude, Mikala valeur, Anette Arleth, Piotr Topperzer, Bent Skytte Rasmussen, Bjørn Søndergård, Inger Rysgaard Møller, Jacques Gustin, Silje Anberit Dahl, Benedikt G. Kristthorsson, Liz Hempel Jørgensen, Jørn Ellgaard, Emil Blander Mikkelsen, Visti Jensen, Manfred Müller, Liselotte Barlit Ubbesen, Michael Groéser, H. Msala, C. KIswata, Martin Montana, R. Mwenga, S. Odero, The Hamasala Family, Deborah Damgaard-Hansen, Kirsten Barlit and Mikala Lykke.

Mikala Lykke participats with 5-10 "turnable" sculptures from the sculptureserie:"Symbiosis / dobblefigures.

Each sculpture is deliberatly created, so that it can turn in 2 to 7 ways. This means that there will apear many sculptures in one sculpture. Each sculpture shows 2 more or less abstract people. The komposition for the sculptures are geometric forms like the oval, the rectangle, the triangle and the quadangle.

The exhibition ends at the 17. of october with a sculptureevent for children, where the children can make sculptures, inspired by the adult artists sculptures. There will be adults to help the children with there work.

Program the 1. of August:

14.00 welcome and official opening by the culture-chief from Thisted.
- bellydance from Iran
- a little something to eat and drink
- studying all the great sculptures indoor and outside
- a mermade from the sea
- a music surprize
- studying all the great sculptures indoor and outside again
- a choir from Congo
17.30 The private view, which is open to all interessed people, ends.

Thy Skulpturhave
Hvidbjerggårdsvej 5, Svankjær
7755 Bedsted, Thy
Jylland, Denmark
August, September and october 2009.
Private view: 1. August 2009.

Photos from the private view of the sculpturefestival 1. august, where 250 "arthappy" people participated. photografer/copyright: Mikala Lykke:

Photos by Mikala Lykke: 5 "turnable", unika-doubblefigures made by Mikala Lykke.

Mikala Lykkes 5 ''vendbare'', stentøjs-dobbelfigurer Gæster til ferniseringen Amirs lakrids-portræt af Mary og lakrids-sandaler vladimirs dame i bronze Serguei Bogouslavski lædderskulptur af fisker Iransk mavedanser 3 sten-skulpturer af Emil Blander Mikkelsen Burhøns Islands skulptur af hval-hale afrikansk kor Deborah Damgaard-Hansens_skulptur inger Rysgaard Møllers raku-fugle Kirsten Barlits `Den hvide dame´ Josef Salamons store udendoors-skulptur træskulptur: `Ud tryk´ Serguei,Nila;kirsten,Joseph,Peter og Vladimir de 5 årstider afrikansk skulpturer indenfor Deborah Damgaard-Hansens træsko-skib kirsten Barlits abstrakte skulptur om `at mødes, komme tættere på og resultatet´ og `de 5 årstider´ kirsten Barlits metalskulptur kirsten Barlits `På vej´ kirsten Barlits sorte skulpturer kirstens Barlits `Omsorgsmand´ Et øje blik Inger Rysgaard Møllers rakuvaser + -fugle mavedanser Mikalas Lykkes 5 skulpturer Mikala Lykkes skulpturer + publikum Serguei Bogouslavskis 3 lædder-skulpturer Serguei Bogouslavski lædder-figurer skulptur med ringe skulpturer i værksted grønlandsk stenskulptur: stenskulptur stenskulptur stor træ-skulptur trolde Traastub udendørs skulptur vladimir Veronin, serguei Bogouslavski  Nila Bogouslavski vladimirs Veronins skulpturer af dame og tyr Små stenskulpturer Gæster til ferniseringen Publikum til ferniseringen Joseph Salamons skulptur foto fra ferniseringen
foto fra ferniseringen

Spring- and summerexhibition
"Friluftsrådet" in Copenhagen, Denmark

Group exhibition.

Exhibition of jewellery, paintings, watercolours and sculptures.

Participating artists:
Artist of jewellery Marianne Tseng (
Painter and portraitdrawer Nete Bente Pedersen (
and painter and artist of sculptures Mikala Lykke (ML participats with 70 pieces of art).

Scandiagade 13, 2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark. 4. may - 26. june.

Private view monday the 4. of may 2009, 2.30 - 4.30 p.m.

Free public entrence to the exhibition, in the openinghour of "Fritidsrådet":

Monday to thursday 10 a.m. - 3 pm.. Friday 10 am- 2 p.m

Friluftsrådet, fernisering Friluftsrådet, fernisering Friluftsrådet, fernisering Friluftsrådet, fernisering Friluftsrådet, fernisering Friluftsrådet, fernisering Friluftsrådet, fernisering Friluftsrådet, fernisering Friluftsrådet, fernisering Friluftsrådet, fernisering Friluftsrådet, fernisering Kunstneren Mikala Lykke med blomster Friluftsrådet, fernisering

Mikala Lykkes introduction
The managing Directors introduction
Video from the exibition: 1 2 3

" jazzkoncerter under Copenhagen Jazzfestival together with artpainters in action."

Friday the 4th and
Saturday the 5th of July at 8PM:
Remembering Billy Strayhorn
feat. John Ruocco and Thomas Fryland

We were proud to present John Ruocco in Denmark for the first time ever!! He gave two concerts exclusively in Prøvehallen, an important event for musicians who are inspired by “the secret genius” – and a fantastic “once in a lifetime” experience for the jazz audience in Copenhagen. his concert was a tribute to Billy Strayhorn, who was the composer behind many of the Duke Ellington classics.

John Ruocco : tenor sax
Thomas Fryland ; trompet
Rasmus Ehlers; Piano
Thomas Raae; Kontrabas
Jacob Roved; Drums

The artists, who painted during the concerts were: Jeff Ibbo, Grethe Tranberg, Mogens Kischinovsky, Lisbeth Meinecke, Mikala Lykke, Morten Bertelsen m.fl.

There were 3 ways that the artpainters interacted with the music and the mucisians:

1) Artpainters painting in the koncerthall, insrirated by the jazzmusic.

2) Artbattle on 2,5 X 10 meter canvas in a hall, beside the koncerthall. More artist painted on the big canvas, and it was alowed to overpaint – to encourage and to coorberate.

Photos from the artbattle on one of the canvas. Lisbeth Meincke, Grete Tranberg og Mikala Lykke artbattled on the 2 big canvases.
The photos beneth shows how the process took place on one of the canvases.

The emty canvas.

Lisbeth Meincke (tv) og Grete Tranberg (th) mixes colours.

The audiens passed through this hall about 4 times during the jazzkoncert and were able to follow the artbattles development omn the canvas.

3) Artexebitioni in the loby. The participating artists showed paintings in the artexebition.

The artexebition ended at the 27. of juli 2008.

Porcelænstorvet 4
2500 Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark

More info on:

"Summerexhibition at "Rådhuspladsen" (A big open square in front of the town hall, in the middle of Copenhagen)

Groupexhibition with about 40 other artists, represented on
All the participating artists are joining in painting a grouppainting, wich is donated to The Organisation Against Cancer in Denmark ("Kræftens bekæmpelse").
Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen.
Friday 27. june 2008, time: 10 - 18

in the association Kultur 2400"

exhibition with other painters."
I am represented by 2 watercolours from summer 2007.
Kulturhuset Bispebjerg/Nordvest,
Dortheavej 61, 3. floor. the gallery, 2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark.
15. May 2008 - 18. June 2008

"Fair Day on the musicsquare on Amager (musiktorvet på Amager), Copenhagen, Denmark"

I participated with other shopowners in the first out of 10 fair days, which are taken place this summer. You could buy food and something to drink and a nice enviroment with benches were created. Also different kinds of entertainment took place: live music, theater, fun for the children among other things.

The Square at Amager culturepoint ("Pladsen ved Amager Kulturpunkt")
Øresundsvej 6, 2300 Amager, Copenhagen, Denmark
Saturday 31 may 2008 fom 11 a.m. - 15.

"Recycling Sculpture"

On the recycling station in Høje Tåstrup, Denmark Kommune took a familyday place. Different lecturers were telling about compost and recycling among other topics.

The multiartists Mads Dam og Mikala Lykke created on the day a recycling sculpture from all kinds of rubbish and scrap iron. The sculpture will remain standing on a ground in front of the recycling station as an ever lasting memory of the day.

Download poster:


Genbrugsstationen (The Recycling Station)
Lervangen nr. 1-3, 2630 Tåstrup, Denmark.
Sundag d. 25. may 2008, time: 10 - 14.

The almost finished recyclesculpture. Now it is only lacking the face with hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, earrings and a bikini of mozaik (mirror-pieces and glass-pieces).

Mikala is making a mosaik-mouth of glas and mirror pieses.

Close-up foto of the painted mosaic-bra.

Close-up foto of the painted mosaic-briefs

Close-up foto of the head.

Close-up foto of the figure.

The painted sculpture.

The painted sculpture, from the front.

Here the sculpture is going to stand.

Monday the 23 of june 2008 was the sculpture put in its right place
by the entrance at the recycle-station, Lervangen 1-3 i Tåstrup, Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Charlottenborg without filter, 2008"

Exhibition with about 40 other artists and about 300 Artworks,
which were not approved at "The Springexhibition of Charlottenborg".
During the exhibition there will be live music and other intertainment. Prøvehallen,Porcelænstorvet 4, 2500 Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark
Saturday 12. april 2008,open: 10 - 17
Sunday 13. april 2008,open: 10 – 16

Photos from the groupexhibition Charlottenborg without filter 2008"

Mikala Lykke © april 2007

Mikala Lykke © april 2007

Mikala Lykke in front of her sculptures (Sculptures from the serie "symbiosis/dubble-figures")"

Mikala Lykke © april 2007

Seline, one visiter, who was interested in sculptures and the artist Mikala Lykke
in front of the sculptures made by Mikala Lykke"

Kunstforeningen Kultur 2400
(The artunion Kultur 2400)

Groupexhibition with 15 other artists. I was represented with 2 acrylich paintings and 4 sculptures.
Kulturhuset Bispebjerg/Nordvest, Dortheavej 61, 3. sal. Galleriet,
2400 københavn NV.Dortheavej
11.5.2007 - 22.6.2007

Mikala Lykke © maj 2007

Photo of the 6 artworks at the exhibition made by Mikala Lykke, Mikala Lykke © maj 2007

"Charlottenborg uden filter"

Exhibition of Artworks, wich were not accepted at the official cencured exhibition "The Spring-artexhibition of Charlottenborg 2007"
paintings, photos, sculptures, artwork, design, instalations, videoart og arkitecture
I was represented with 6 sculptures.
Prøvehallen, Porcelænstorvet 4, 2500 Valby, Denmark.
17. March and 18. March 2007 time: 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Artunion Culture 2400
Groupexhibition with other artists (paintings, sculptures, handycraft, textilepictures.)
Reprecented with 5 keramic roses
(white paperclay with oxyd and burnt reed clay with acrylic painting).
The Culturehouse Bispebjerg/Nordvest.
Dortheavej 61, The Gallery, 2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark.
May 21 - june 30, 2006

Hvidovre Censored Exibition 2006.
Representered with 2 acrylic paintings (nonfigurative and og abstract)
Hvidovre Hovedbibliotek, Hvidovrevej 280, 2650 Hvidovre.
22. april - 13. maj.

Christmas market
Nov 27 - Nov 28, 2004 (

Aurehøj Grammar School nov. 2003
Acrylic paintings and sculptures.
Exhibition with 75 other artists.

Nørrebro Library:
Sculptures: Variations of the human body.
Bragesgade 8 B, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark.
August 1 - August 30, 2003.

Aurehøj Grammar School Nov. 23/24 2002
Exhibition with 75 other artists.


"The Adressbook of Artlife for Scandinavia 2007/2008 ("Kunstlivets adresse- og telefonbog for Skandinavien 2007/2008"),
, published by North Art Magazine (Bent Petersen), Nørregade 7 c kld., 1165 Copenhagen
Wooloo - Art gallery


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